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Dumbbell fitness as much as the benefits

  The benefits of dumbbells say, "Women for their own capacity," I was in school when reading, often hear the sisters to this sentence in the mouth. The meaning of the old saying I believe that crush all know, is: women will like to enjoy their own people and dress up their looks. So far, this sentence may have been a little out of date, because the modern crush their pursuit of "women who have been pleased to have thin." In order to thin, we can be described as omnipotent, diet, drinking slimming tea, liposuction and so are commonly used means of weight loss. But this get thin, but often not long, unhealthy, and it is easy to rebound. Once the rebound, many people then went on to repeat the process of suffering that. Over time, girls lose weight into a vicious cycle of the cycle. Finally, people did not slim down, the body collapsed, the skin deteriorated, and the mood has deteriorated. Of course, there will be many intelligent and perseverance type of girls, will choose a more healthy, more long-term way to lose weight, that is, through sports to body sculpting. One of the most inexpensive, most low-carbon, and the most obvious way to lose weight is dumbbell fitness weight loss. Adhere to dumbbell fitness, crush will get the benefits of the four dumbbells.

The benefits of dumbbells

  ▲ vitality of the sun

  See the "sun temperament" when the word, the first time in our mind the picture may be filled with a youthful and bright smile face, it will let us feel the warmth, vitality and vitality. "Sunshine" refers to you though thin, but not weak; well-behaved, but clever, at any time seems to have spirit. After doing a fitness coach, spare time we coaching staff are also discussed: the boys in the movement is very sunny, very handsome, most women will be the kind of vitality and mental attraction of men. Similarly, this phenomenon occurs in girls who also set up the same, men will be attracted by the movement of girls. In the "My Sassy Girl 2", the teacher does not play on the He Jiong Feng Yuan Zhen, director of love at first sight it? Visible, the movement of men and women will make people feel very spirit and vitality, easy to bow bow down the opposite sex.

  Adhere to the benefits of dumbbell fitness exercise is not only allows you to look more dynamic and dynamic, but also allows you to have a sunny temperament. Dumbbell fitness exercise relative to other intensity of the movement is still partial "quiet" movement, elegant movement, not only allows you to quickly lose weight, but also make your body more gentle lines, so that the proportion of your muscles increased significantly , So that your body looks more slender and symmetrical, giving a sense of slim. Just think, petite man in your hand holding a small dumbbell, the share of cute and vitality will attract the attention of the number of men!

  ▲ fiber beautiful physical body

  I believe that no girl is willing to hear the words: "You seem to be lost recently, but the figure does not seem to be good." This situation is ridiculous, very ironic, but this is often encountered in girls lose weight situation. Now a lot of girls use diet means to lose weight, the common situation is to lose weight in the same time, accidentally cut the chest and buttocks to go, and this is the girls most reluctant to achieve the effect of weight loss. In fact, diet can not change your fat rate, can only control your food intake, a long time, it will make you a lack of nutrition, physical weakening, reduced metabolic capacity, but make you more easily fat.

When I taught, to recommend this exercise to lose weight when a lot of crush on me complained: "In fact, this is a misunderstanding of most people, really understand the beauty and the pursuit of beauty Girls will not only tired of weight loss, but also for the success of weight loss and joy of satisfaction and cheers. Dumbbell body sculpting, lose fat just to get a good body of a primary stage, more important is to control the proportion of your body muscles, muscle fat is to prevent the regeneration and the best weapon for hoarding. Dumbbell exercise in the use of body sculpting aerobic respiration, dumbbell advantage is that more quickly burn your fat, so you quickly get rid of excess body fat, thereby reducing the proportion of your body fat; and dumbbell role is to You are weight-bearing and help you to increase your body's muscle mass. In addition, dumbbell movement through the body of bending, pulling and other activities can move your bones, speed up the body's blood circulation, promote your metabolism, so you always radiant.

  ▲ healthy rosy skin color

  Girls are most concerned about their own body, but they often ignore the weight loss caused by the blind to lose more than the consequences. Weight loss right, wrong in the lack of a healthy way to lose weight. Do not want to pay hard work and sweat to do sports, but dream of a night is thinner is impossible.

  The real pursuit of beauty girls will not think that exercise is hard. They not only do not have to lose weight and troubled, but hand, but also make their own fat loss at the same time get health and vitality. Dumbbell fitness is nowadays a lot of female stars are often one of the fitness campaign, it can not only help you lose excess fat, so you get a slim figure, you can also consolidate and enhance your health.

  As an aerobic exercise, the benefits of dumbbells not only through the various parts of the body muscles and bones of the exercise can improve the muscle activation and flexibility of the bones of the original; also help improve the body's metabolism and promote blood circulation, Through the sweat way to help the body waste and toxins, and then fundamentally restore your skin compact, elastic and smooth, so that your skin becomes more rosy, so beautiful from the inside out.

  ▲ naturally reveal sexy

  The word "sexy", you may be difficult to give it an accurate definition, but it does give people a very intuitive feeling. So how do women highlight their sexy, in short, is how to prepare your woman smell, and let people feel it?

  Sexy is not artificial, it is a natural disclosure, it is more with the amount of cloth covering the body does not matter, a bloated stout girl even if the body naked, the public will not be equal to her sexy. However, the most feminine place to highlight the feminine, can be a part of the body - lean prominent clavicle, rhyme of the chest, high Alice's hip or slender arm, you can also be tall, slim figure or the former Convex curve after the "S" -shaped curve. These will make you a sexy spokesperson. Dumbbell fitness is a highly targeted movement, dumbbell is the ability to help you enhance the body of each part of the sexy index. For example, you need to do a series of sports birds need to raise the hip can be held by hand dumbbell squat and stand up to achieve and so on. In short, whether you want to improve the body which part of the line, you can use the corresponding parts of the dumbbell muscle exercise to achieve.