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    Yoga mat


  Yoga mat selection should be targeted, generally the beginning of the yoga practitioners, can choose a little thick mats, such as 6mm thick, the domestic size of 173X61; have a certain basis can choose thickness 3.5mm ~ 5mm or so; 1300 grams or more of the mat (because some manufacturers of the mat to steal material cheaper).

  Now most of the classrooms will provide the so-called "public pad", that is, when you use public yoga mat. Some teachers even in the classroom covered with a layer of protective pad, we do not have to use the mat on the class. Most of the students will not use mats because they do not want to work, class running around, and the use of this mat. However, if you want to learn for some time friends, it is best to use their own mats, on the one hand they can clean, more hygienic; also according to personal circumstances to pick a suitable mat.

  Choose the way mat, but no more than two: according to individual needs to choose; or by material to choose.

  To individual needs, this depends on what kind of yoga is the form, because different factions of yoga, learning different priorities, the demand will be very different. If the school is to softness-based yoga, most of the time sitting on the mat, then the mat thick, soft, sit will be more comfortable.

  However, if the study of yoga is based on the beating of the Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, then the mat not only can not be too hard, slip resistance requirements are higher. Why? Because the mat is too soft, do a lot of action on the top will be very bad to do (especially in the balance of tree-type action, such as the most obvious). And this will be a lot of sweat yoga action, if there is no better level of mat only slip, slippage will occur.

  If the action is not so static, there is no running like the flow of so much sweat, is somewhere between the two, the use of which mat is good? Answer is "or choose a little thin." Because there are very soft suspension system like the car, open in the mountain road will be like a boat, thick cushion (5mm above) lost contact with the ground feeling, do a lot of action will be "distortion" feeling. Abroad, the vast majority of yoga practitioners love to use thin mats, is this truth. If you feel a thin cushion to do some kneeling action, knee discomfort, it touches on the knee pad towel.

  Folding Options

  Buy yoga mat should pay attention to the following points: length should not be shorter than height, width can not be narrower than the shoulder width.

Thickness of about 6mm, too thin mats in the joints touch the ground will feel pain, too thick will affect the stability of standing movement. (Generally beginners choose 7MM yoga mat more moderate)

  Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat. Hand squeeze the yoga mat, such as the feeling that the fingers are easy to pinch together to prove that the yoga mat is too soft, so that even if the yoga mat thick joints such as the knee will touch the ground when the pain Ge. Such as excellent yoga mat is not very good, our fragile skin can not accept, and easy to break, not easy to incorporate. Be sure to choose a good flexibility, soft and hard moderate yoga mat to match your practice.

  Yoga mat uniformity. The yoga mat tiled to observe the degree of uniformity of its foam, if the foam uneven surface, in the course of the damage is easy to produce. If the foam bulge part of the damaged, can not be repaired.

  Moderate weight. Because yoga mats in many cases we need to carry, so try not to choose too heavy mats, so easy to carry.

  Pad surface of the non-slip, mattress to the palm of the pad press the pad and then push forward, if the mat sliding on the floor or hand on the pad surface sliding, are that the mat is not very good slip resistance. There may be unnecessary harm in the course of practice, such mat should be used with caution. [1]

  Folding type

  The most widely used is a TPE and PVC of the two yoga mat. The advantages of these two is in line with national environmental standards, can be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment, including TPE on the human body the most environmentally friendly, and no smell.

Select yoga mat the most important thing is to be soft, paste, tile when the grip to strong, can not slip when sweating, it is best to carry. The second is to have a better waterproof, anti-skid   performance.

  Here to introduce these types of yoga mat to do a detailed introduction

  TPE foam pad is the main component of TPE and EVA and synthetic rubber, production costs are relatively high, the production process is high, the industry to enter the high threshold.   Products of good quality, flexible enough, soft and non-slip effect. Without plastic, easy to break down, is more optimistic about the current products, by the environmentalists love. TPE mats are currently available up to 10 mm thick.

  PVC foam mats on the more extensive, cheaper prices, diverse colors, low production costs, the process is simple, easy to do according to the requirements of customers to do signs, loved by the public. The disadvantage is that plastic products is not easy to natural decomposition, pollution of the Earth.

  EVA mat is also very environmentally friendly, there are low-end high-end. Cheap EVA too soft, too tasty. High quality is good, but the thickness can only be 4 mm. Middle East market is more like EVA cushion.

  Latex mats, usually with a layer of dry grass on their surface, cost between PVC mats and TPE mats. Can be considered environmentally friendly products of the Earth. The US market like more.

CBR pad is too heavy, the cost is not low. Wear-resistant, non-slip, tasteless, usually black.

Yoga mat thickness of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm. Of which 6 mm is the standard thickness. More suitable for beginners, TPE mat can do 10 mm, very soft.

Folding Tips

  1. Take a PVC material yoga mat first do not open, with the nose to hear the top of the mat. If there is a pungent taste is likely to be the quality of customs.

  2. With the thumb and index finger pinching yoga mat, try the pressure and resilience.

  3. Wipe the pad with a rubber pad to see if the material is easy to crack or pull gently when there are traces.

  4. With the palm of your hand gently push the pad surface, there must be a dry feeling.

  In addition, the domestic production of yoga mat length and breadth are basically 173cmx61cm, if you are tall, always feel that the size of yoga mats stretched, may also wish to buy a 183cmx61cm, or even longer.

  Folded material

  Even if you are a yoga beginner, it is best not to use low-grade EVA material yoga mat. If you just want to practice yoga then buy PVC foam material, good elasticity, but also non-slip, the price is also very moderate, yoga bag, it is also easy to carry. Even with a long time, those who have a small protruding foam is not a bad step on the rotten, and then a good, convenient and affordable.

  Low-end EVA material

  EVA is a hard foam, most used in the manufacture of soles, smell heavier, such as the kind of thick base of the loose shoes to use that material. The current yoga bricks also belong to this material, but for the yoga mat is not very good, and its poor flexibility, anti-slip effect is poor, but because of its low price, or even a few dollars, 20 yuan can buy, In the market is not no market. So the purchaser in the purchase need to carefully identify the material, so as not to buy unsafe yoga mat.

  In the end of PVC foam material

  PVC foam material yoga mat is the most common yoga mat material. PVC is the chemical name of PVC, in the luggage, wire and other daily necessities in the manufacture of very common. PVC material does not have a special chemical odor, even if there is also the kind of smell similar to rubber. PVC foam material itself is harmless to the human body, harmful is the second material (recycled material) in the manufacture of materials. PVC foam material yoga mat flexible good, very non-slip, tiled on the floor is Fotie, moderate price, so the market is very marketable. 80% of the yoga mats are now using PVC foam material. This PVC foam material yoga mat sold in the market for 40 yuan -90 per month, more moderate.

  Now there are many friends may also see 10 yuan or 20 yuan a few dollars of PVC foam yoga mat in the sale, there are three kinds of circumstances will appear:

  (1) The use of PVC secondary material for foam remanufacturing, the cost reduction.

  (2) cut corners or mixed with other additives used to reduce the use of PVC material, thereby reducing costs. This mat is often different weight and conventional, add more foam will taste heavy, mattresses are too light, too heavy will affect the use of yoga mats to choose to carry, the mat material is inclined to the development of light .

  (3) PVC foam material of indoor non-slip pad or low-grade camping pad posing as a yoga mat, the mat is often not very uniform specifications. Of course, selling low-cost PVC foam yoga mats are not necessarily defective, there may be channels of purchase not the same business, save the cost of intermediate links, so that the price of the mat down, or the business in order to open Market, increase sales and take advantage of the sale of activities. So the selection of PVC foam mattress friends to prevent the above-mentioned three kinds of substandard goods counterfeit goods.

  High-grade TPE material

  TPE material is an environmentally friendly material, recyclable, reusable, reduce pollution. TPE material yoga mat mainly has good elasticity, anti-skid effect, good toughness, tension and strong characteristics.

  But the high price of its materials, mainly for Europe and the United States market or the Chinese market, high consumer groups. The price at least 100 yuan or more, generally between 100 yuan -300 yuan, 300 yuan can be better to break through. If you have the money to buy, of course, is a good choice.

  Collapse selection

  Yoga mat is divided into several materials, common linen, TPE and PVC material.

  The two mats: recyclable, to avoid environmental pollution. Main soft, Fudou, tile the ground, strong grip. TPE each cushion about 1200 grams, 300 grams lighter than PVC, easy to carry. Even if the sweat, and in the above practice still slip effect still stick!

  However, TPE mattress price is very expensive, (depending on the needs of everyone) if the cost-effective point of view, PVC mat economic, more affordable.

  First of all, and most importantly, from both ends of the mat (mats rolled up) to see if there is a very uniform bubble, the gas larger and even the best! This shows a good hair foam.

  1. Take a yoga mat first do not open, with the nose to hear the top of the mat to see if there is pungent taste. Generally good yoga mat will not have too much taste, open after the release of two days, can be distributed to trace the taste! If after a long time, the taste is still not cleared, then it is possible that the quality of the mat , Prolonged use will cause harm to the body.

  2. Feel by hand to see Shen is not heavy, if very heavy, there may not be PVC foam technology, is the accumulation of raw materials. (Generally about 2.5 kg, yoga mat is 1.5 kg) PVC foam technology, excellent flexibility, step up will soon be restored to its original state! The other process, stepped on for a long time are not playing up. The gap between this process, which is one of the biggest reasons for the price gap.

  3. After opening a closer look at workmanship, whether fine, generally made mat work very rough. There are only one - sided foam, contact the ground side of the non - slip design! Some sellers to the mat when the yoga mat to sell, we have to keep their eyes open. )

  4. Yoga pad with the palm of your hand gently push the surface, there must be a dry feeling, if the yoga mat foam residue on the surface there are too many slippery feeling, then in practice for the above will easily slip, fall. (However, like some of Taiwan's good yoga mat, then just start with a layer of antibacterial layer above the sweat will find some slippery, but do not worry, this layer gradually receded, the effect of non-slip to reveal it! The mat will not work, it will always slide down.

  5. We try to choose 6mm thick. For example, do some knee-to-ground action, there will be no pain feeling.

  Folding cleaning step

  1, with basins in full bloom, add washing liquid, stir well. Yoga mat series

  2, the towel into the basin, wet towel after wringing.

  3, with a towel to wipe the yoga mat, the dirt at the clean.

  4, the basin for the water, wash the towel, with a clean towel repeated several times, the washing liquid wipe.

  5, the yoga mat hanging in the shade to dry.

  Note: not in the sun exposure.

  Yoga mat soft texture, excellent flexibility, can effectively reduce the physical contact with the pain of the ground, is the ideal choice for yoga practitioners. School Station yoga mats light weight, small size, can be rolled up collection, easy to carry.

  product description

  Yoga mat surface uniform particles, bubble full, soft to the touch, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, rebound ability, has a strong anti-tearing ability, is the ideal choice for yoga   practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the ground cold, strong grip, has a prominent human skin affinity.