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Grip Strength
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  Basic Information

  1.jpgElectronic grip force, also known as hand-force, refers to force, force measurement device

  Use time with one hand, hands, on the grip, under the grip, double clip, and other different exercise methods. Use of muscle strength, strong muscles, enhance blood circulation, long-term use, such as the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and other help, to prevent the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, Is necessary for fitness exercise small equipment.

  Types of


  Four: electronic grip force



  Test the strength of forearm and hand muscles by using this product to exercise, increasing grip and palm flexibility.


  The grip strength of the subjects was measured by the electronic grips, which reflected the development level of muscle strength and muscle strength of the individual. The product is an intelligence measuring instrument; is a parallel bar, tennis, table tennis, rock climbing and other sports enthusiasts a good assistant; also hand muscle or soft tissue contusion rehabilitation training in patients with rehabilitation equipment.


  According to the size of the palm of your hand to adjust the handle, user-friendly, good durability, high precision, can be tested three times, and display the maximum value using high-precision strain gauge sensor and large-screen LCD digital display. Movement device and nut, adjustable handle position, to meet the different age groups to use. Handle device spring, hand touch comfortable.

  {Range}: 0-90 kg

  Introduction to Folding

  Folding Use

  Grip strength is a training of people wrist, arm strength of small fitness equipment, a lot of men at home will have a basic grip, easy to practice anytime, anywhere. Grips use the posture, including one hand, hands, on the grip, the next grip, double clip and so on. Not the same position to practice the corresponding parts are not the same. Single-handedly to single-arm exercises, hands can practice two arms coordination force. Other posture exercises corresponding parts. Not immediately after the release of the grip to hold for 5 seconds or so for a group of 20 consecutive grip in order to be more effective

  Folding features

  Grip strength of a small, light, easy to carry, not subject to a fixed time and space constraints; grip strength exercises can relieve fatigue, so that the muscles of practitioners more solid, helps to promote blood circulation, can maintain joint blood, Leading to inflammation.

  Folding classification

  Grips can be divided according to type: sponge sleeve handle grip, rubber grip, adjustable grip and electronic grip. The current electronic grip more advanced, commonly used sponge sleeve grip grip in general.

  Folding price

  Practitioners in the purchase grip, pay attention to the price, the general grip strength of the price range is maintained at between 20 yuan -100 yuan. Remember not to be deceived!