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Rope skipping
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    Rope skipping

  Introduction to skipping

  Skipping is an excellent fitness exercise, can effectively train personal reaction and endurance, help to maintain personal posture,

  01.jpgRope skipping

Fitness and coordination, so as to achieve the purpose of physical fitness. Rope skipping equipment is very simple, just a rope, light clothing and a pair of comfortable shoes can be; In addition, skipping the required venues are not large, no need to rent special venues, the number of participants is not limited to one or more people alone get on. In addition to pattern skipping, but also according to a certain distance, while the edge of the rope to run to the end of the game speed. Rope skipping the body heat consumption of about 1,000 calories per hour, and the heart rhythm is maintained at about the same level with the jogging, but it can avoid running and the resulting knee and ankle pain problems. Thus, skipping is a simple and convenient, easy to participate in sports.

  Jump rope origin

  Rope skipping in China has a long history, since the Southern Song Dynasty, skipping every festival, called“02.jpg Jump white cable”,Originally belonged to the courtyard game class, later developed into the folk athletics movement. Rope skipping is a sports game in which various jumping movements are performed in the loop of the rope. Qing Dynasty Pan Ronglu "Royal Beijing-year-old Ji Sheng" record Qing Dynasty Beijing Lantern Festival folk entertainment, said skipping for the "jump white cable."

  "Pine Wind Court poem copy," a poem reads: "white light, such as round dance Suo Tong, a child dance to a child singing, a child jumped into the light wheel." This plus the accompaniment of the rope skipping game, very entertaining. Jump rope jumping, jumping for one foot, feet and jump, feet before and after the air around and jumping and other methods. When jumping, swing rope and step jump action to be in tune, can be a shake, but also a shake two jumps and even a shake three jump. The direction of the rope can be before the rear. With a long rope can be two shaking at the same time, the collective take turns or jump at the same time. Jumping can also be arranged according to different situations a variety of action patterns, but also rhythm and melody suitable for singing songs. In addition to pattern skipping, but also according to a certain distance, while the edge of the rope to run to the end of the game speed.

  Skipping when the front foot to the ground, do not wear shoes and hard-soled shoes, rope length and thickness should be appropriate. Rope skipping not only can promote the normal development of children's physical, but also the development of its sensitivity, speed, bounce and endurance and other physical qualities also have a good effect, so in addition to the favorite for the majority of young people, but also often used as a special exercise training auxiliary exercises.

  Sports advantages

  A lot of women are concerned about the problem of skipping can lose weight, the above has made it very clear that weight loss is fat loss, exercise weight loss bear fruit, but very scientific, will burn a lot of fat, and will not rebound. Dieting and drug weight loss quick, but it is at the expense of health at the expense, and easy to rebound, rebound risk of heart disease after a substantial increase. But each time only exercise fifteen minutes, then burn the carbohydrate, can not burn fat, exercise to lose weight after half an hour, will start burning more fat, the longer the time each exercise, burn fat more , This is because the main energy source of continuous movement is fat instead of sugar. On the contrary, instantaneous explosive energy is carbohydrate rather than fat, so this kind of exercise to lose weight useless. The following is the eight sports calorie consumption statistics, attention: the body for every kilogram of fat lost, need to consume seven thousand seven hundred calories, another argument is seven thousand two hundred cards, love weight loss comrades, especially young lesbians , Please calculate their own calculations, what to do the most effective exercise, the highest safety factor, the least economic investment.

  Swimming: the consumption of calories per half hour card one hundred and seventy-five. It is a coordinated movement of the body movement, to enhance cardiopulmonary function, exercise flexibility and strength are very good. It is also conducive to the restoration of health of patients, women after birth to restore body shape, the elderly and the frail people are a good exercise.

  Track and field: every half hour can consume calories 450 cards. It allows the body to get exercise.

  Basketball: the consumption of heat every two and a half card. It enhances flexibility and strengthens cardiorespiratory function.

  Bicycle: every half hour consumption of heat three hundred and thirty cards. On the heart and lungs, legs are very beneficial.

  Jogging: 300 calories consumed every half hour. Beneficial to heart and lung and blood circulation. The longer the distance, the greater the amount of heat consumed.

  Walk: consumption of calories every half hour card 75. On the heart and lung function enhancement, it can improve blood circulation, joint activities and help to lose weight.

Rope skipping: every half hour consumption of heat 400 cards. This is a bodybuilding movement, the heart and lung system and other organs, coordination, posture, weight loss and so have a considerable help.

  Table tennis: every half hour consumption of 180 calories card. Is a whole body movement, beneficial to heart and lung, can exercise the focus of the movement and coordination.

Volleyball: the consumption of calories per half hour card one hundred and seventy-five. Mainly enhance flexibility, springiness and physical strength, beneficial to heart and lung.

  If you understand the relationship between aerobic exercise and weight loss, will ask a lot of ignorance of the problem. In this way, will understand the rope skipping the chest and hips to say how ridiculous. Rope skipping can make chest and buttock excess fat leaving the pectoralis major and gluteus maximus become strong and flexible, so you can make your chest and buttocks strong plump. Skipping does not make the stomach droop! However, before skipping to pay attention to warm-up, activities, shoulders, wrist, knee, waist and ankle, and skipping before drinking a lot of water, and other aerobic activities are the same.

  There was also asked to jump rope can grow taller. Guangzhou Zhongshan First Affiliated Hospital of Pediatrics Professor Du Minlian warned parents: the growth of people is time-limited, the fastest growing infancy, 3 years after the steady growth period, pre-adolescence is the second growth spurt by the peak Period, after the youth, growth retardation. Height is not born, genetic impact on height is not, and nutrition is a leading role, so 2 years of age to pay special attention to reasonable nutrition. In addition, the movement also helps the child's height, the best exercise is skipping, it has a certain bone growth stimulus. So that the bones of the blood circulation can be improved, stimulating growth hormone secretion, and promote height. Rope skipping can promote the growth and development of adolescents is the former Soviet Union scientific research, but the epiphyseal closure of the adults would like to skip skipping long high hope. Someone 27 years after the long 2 cm, so many boys epiphyseal is not 20 years old on the closed. Want to know whether epiphyseal closure, can go to the regular hospital to be a bone age piece. Advised to grow taller and want to lose weight friends: to make up for the lack of scientific methods.

  Skipping the time and frequency of the problem, in theory, an hour before meals and after dinner is not for strenuous exercise, some people want to lose weight before skipping the rope in order to reduce appetite, which is unscientific. Human activity state of the best time should be 3 pm to 8 pm, would like to improve the level of skipping a friend may wish to conduct at this time. Experts do not advocate morning exercises, and some morning exercises and "chicken dance", or even three or four o'clock on the exercise, and then go back to sleep a "return feeling", which is not only susceptible to air pollution, but also to the biological clock disorders, leading to fatigue , Premature aging. Because the sunrise before the ground the most serious air pollution and oxygen at this time less. After sunrise green plants began to photosynthesis, inhalation of carbon dioxide spit oxygen, air began to fresh. So there is time, then do not prevent sunrise after skipping activities. Rope skipping per week should not be less than 4 times but not more than 6 times, generally need a day of rest and thinking, so to improve faster. Each skipping time control in half an hour to two hours, too little to achieve the effect of fitness, more than two hours of over-training will make the body extremely tired.

  Rope skipping is not a simple physical exercise, the need to make a dazzling combination of hands and feet of fancy, friends, when practicing skipping attention to more than thinking and peer discussion, the accumulation will be a certain degree of breakthrough.

  Simple and easy

  Skipping a variety of tricks can be simple and complex, ready to do, a school will be particularly suitable for low temperatures in the season as a fitness exercise, but also for women is particularly appropriate. From the amount of exercise, continuous skipping 10 minutes, and 30 minutes of jogging or fitness dance dance is almost the same 20 minutes, can be described as less time-consuming, energy-consuming aerobic exercise.

  Exercise a variety of organs

  Experts at home and abroad, rope skipping on the heart function has a good role in promoting, it allows blood to get more oxygen, so that the cardiovascular system to maintain strong and healthy. Skipping the role of weight loss is also very significant, it can be strong muscles to eliminate excess fat on the buttocks and thighs, so that the body continue to fit, and can make agile, stable body of gravity.

  Skipping can enhance the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system functions. Skipping can promote human organ development, good for physical and mental health, physical fitness, development of intelligence, rich life, improve the overall quality. Rope skipping the whole body movement and hand rope to stimulate the thumb points, will greatly enhance the vitality of brain cells, improve thinking and imagination, so jump rope is the best choice for brain.

  In view of the unique role of skipping women's health, the French fitness expert Mock specifically designed for women fitness, a "rope skipping progressive program." Beginning, only 1 minute in situ jump, 3 days after the continuous jump 3 minutes, 3 months after the continuous jump on 10 minutes, six months after the implementation of the "series jump" every jump even 3 minutes, a total of 5 times , Until a continuous jump on half an hour. A jump half an hour, the equivalent of 90 minutes of jogging exercise, is the standard aerobic fitness.

There are many benefits to children's physical and mental health and intellectual development

Can promote the healthy development of children, rope skipping can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation, promote the body's metabolism, is conducive to the healthy growth of children;

  Can establish the concept of the number of children, children jumping rope from the number of self-jump, help them to abstract the number and the actual things linked to the initial understanding of the actual meaning of the number and concept;

  Can improve the memory capacity of children, because children in the process of skipping the number of continuous, so that the cerebral cortex excited state, will help them to abstract memory into image memory; can promote children ingenuity, human body during exercise The information feedback to the brain, so as to stimulate the brain to positive thinking, children jumping rope since the number of self-jumping, can improve the brain's thinking sensitivity and sense of help children's physical, intellectual and adaptability of the coordinated development;

Can train children's sense of balance and rhythm, rope skipping action can be described as left and right, from top to bottom together, help the child left brain and right brain balance and coordinated development, but also children's rhythm; can help children establish the sense of orientation And train their overall awareness, children in the process of skipping, sometimes single jump, sometimes double jump, sometimes more people, which is conducive to children to form an accurate sense of orientation. Children in the rope skipping activities, can consciously form the organization and discipline, can cultivate their spirit of unity and cooperation and collectivism.

  Skipping equipment is simple

  Skipping the site everywhere, simple and easy, is a fitness for the general public sports. Professor Hu Dayi, deputy director of the Chinese Medical Association cardiovascular disease branch has provided a good recipe for the fitness of young people, he called for young people to carry out rope skipping, because it is to deal with obesity, dyslipidemia prevention, hypertension the most practical way, A good exercise endurance aerobic exercise.

  Needless to stress, skipping the effectiveness of what is outstanding, this movement, men and women safe, just waiting for everyone to implement. And skipping like swimming and riding a bicycle, once learned, a lifetime will not forget. Skipping a variety of tricks can be simple and complex, ready to do, a school will be, so now in the world of popular fitness methods, coupled with more and more entertainment stars also skipping as their own body and exercise methods, But also makes the ordinary rope skipping activities become a public fitness star.

  Action skills

  Sideways ramp

  This action can train endurance, enhance the abductor and adductor muscles. The two stood before and after a rope skipping the left and right sides, the first lateral jump leap forward, and then jump back to the original position. Jump should pay attention to swinging arms. 1 minute after the break for 10 seconds, repeat the exercise 2 times.

  Simple skipping method

  Ready to action: feet together, for bounce practice 2 to 3 minutes (bounce height of 3 to 5 cm).

  Start skipping, pay attention to do wrist arc swing. Beginners jump 10 to 20 times, rest 1 minute, repeat jump 10 to 20 times. Non-beginners can jump 30 times, rest 1 minute, then jump 30 times.

  Knee flexion

  Right leg bent knees, lift forward. Tiptoe, single jump 10 to 15 times, for the left leg repeat the above action. Rest for 30 seconds, each side to do 2 rounds.

  Split legs together legs

  First do the rope skipping preparation movement (see exercise 2), and then skipping, jumping feet when the fork, feet close together when landing, repeat the action 15 times.

  Arms cross jump

  Start with rope skipping (see Exercise 2) and cross your arms. When the rope in the air, cross-arms, when crossing the cross after the rope, arms reverse reverse the status quo ante.

  Double rope skipping

  (1) to take side by side standing posture. Each person with the outside hand grip the handle. Begin by practicing the Easy Rope Skipping method (see Exercise 2), both skipping with both feet and then practice skipping with one foot at the same time.

  (2) to take a standing posture. Standing in the back, and waving rope skipping.

  Around the spin

  The two jump rope exercises: one person to open his legs squatting, swinging rope to draw rope on the ground arc, the other one is constantly jumping from the swing of the rope. The speed gradually accelerated by the slow, 1 minute after the two alternate.

  Side foot jump

  Start with a simple rope skipping method (see Exercise 2), and then waving his hands waving rope skipping, jumping rope to the right foot, the left foot is slanting to the side of the jump 15 times. For the other foot jump 15 times. Non-beginners can practice fast rope skipping, that is, when the rope from the foot of the slip when the jump 2 times. Practice, it should be noted that feet do not lift too high, too slow, or easy to rope caught.

  Learning proposal

  Step 1 learn to bounce

  Before jumping rope, often do jumping exercises with their children, endurance exercises, like leapfrog, jumping trampoline, jumping to touch the material, single-hop. In this way, the child in the actual rope skipping is much more flexible.

  Step 2 empty-handed jump

  Mainly training children familiar with, master "jump" rhythm. Mom and the child can stand face to face, side clapping said, "one two three" side with the rhythm of the feet jump, repeated several times. Then, in accordance with the rhythm has been familiar with, his mother pulled his hand from behind the child's hands, let his arms like the shape of rope skipping rotation, with the jump. Finally, let the children feet jump, fall, with arms swinging. Shake to the shoulder when the axis, wrist force, hands down or relative to the heart.

  Step 3 Kangaroo jump

  The child stood in front of her mother, mother rocking rope, while talking about the "one two three jump", while the child with a kangaroo as double jump, let the children experience their feet off the ground, the rope from the following feeling.

Step 4 personally into battle

  Children with one hand holding the rope at both ends, according to rhythm imitation rope skipping action, requiring the rope when the feet fall to the ground. Can be left, right hand alternating rope. Familiar with this action, and then teach the child two hands grip the rope handle, rope hanging in the back, from the front to shake the rope, feet with the rope to shake quickly jump, rope from the foot slip.

  Step 5 pattern

  Reverse jump If the child learns the most basic jump method, may wish to teach him to reverse jump - rope hanging in front of the body, his hands from the front to the rear of the rope, the   other action unchanged.

  One foot jump to the focus on the jumping feet, the other foot floating, the same hand movements, rope from the beating of the foot slide. One foot jumps tired for another.

When the odd number, from the other foot through, and so on and forth, until the tired so far, the speed from slow and fast.

  The marching jumps further forward, similar to running. To "open the left and right" way to jump to prevent the hanging of the foot hook the rope, their trip; feet when the body can not be too forward leans forward, so easy to fall.

  Security Memo


  Before skipping the best activities about the body, especially the relevant parts, such as the shoulders, arms, wrist, ankle, avoid sprains, contusion. Start skipping, the speed from slow to fast, step by step.

  Do not ignore the forefoot

  Take-off and landing is the forefoot of the "task", because the heel to the ground, a long time will have a lot of hidden dangers - the brain, ankle and spine are likely to be different degrees of injury. At the same time, the knee should be slightly bent, ease knee, ankle contact with the ground when the collision.

  On the ground is also required

  The ground must be flat, the best carpet or carpet covered. Not in the loose land practice, otherwise, the rope will rub up the ground a lot of dust, polluting the child's respiratory tract, the eyes are not good.

  Time selection

  Skipping time is generally not restricted, but to avoid half an hour before meals and after meals.


  1. Skipping should wear soft texture, light weight high shoes to avoid ankle injury.

  2. Rope soft and hard, moderate thickness. Beginners are usually advised to use hard rope, skilled can be changed to soft rope.

  3. Choose soft and hard moderate lawn, wood flooring and soil of the site is better, do not jump on the hard concrete floor rope, so as not to damage the joints, and easy to cause dizziness.

  4. Skipping rope to relax the muscles and joints, toes and heels should be coordinated to prevent sprains.

  5. Fat people and middle-aged women should use feet at the same time ups and downs. At the same time, the jump is not too high, so as to avoid joint injury due to excessive weight.

  6. Before skipping the first foot, legs, wrist, ankle for some preparatory activities, skipping after some relaxation activities can be done.

  7, the importance of breathing

  Skipping when the need for breathing, exertion when forced to restore the relaxation when breathing, and in the basic jumping action 10 to 15 times to reconcile the atmosphere for the next exercise to prepare the body, and in accordance with this principle of breathing continued movement.

  8, rope and body position to be correct

  Feet standing before and after, one foot on the rope, his hands pull the rope back, and then use the wrist joints, slowly pull the rope, and then restore. Avoid pulling the arm straight up and straight, and the rope should be pulled up rather than pulled forward.

  9, before the chest to practice large muscle

  Will cross the armpit across the rope cross piercing, jump after the rope pulled forward to his hands in the chest cross, and then restore. This action can be exercised to the chest muscles, so that the chest looks more robust, but not hump, the rope does not have to push forward when fully extended.

  10, arm drop down on the fat

  Hands grasp the handle on the rope, fixed hand fixed, while the other hand on the same side of the body pull down, and then restore the action to the top, do 10 to 15 times and then change the other side. Pull down the arm to be straight, or exercise on the back muscles will not be enough Oh.