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Brief Introduction of Five General Plastics of Xianlin Industry

Guangdong Xianlin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales to the five major general plastic as the main material of rubber and plastic rubber strips and sports fitness products manufacturers.

General Plastics generally refers to the production of large, versatile, good formability, cheap plastic, they are thermoplastics.

General Plastics has five varieties, namely, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene and ABS.

Yin Lin produced PVC hose, PP hose, PE hose and ABS hose is the five general-purpose plastic as raw material, according to customer requirements for product quality, specifications, color, hardness, to fine worthy of the extrusion process production and processing Of the products, so far the majority of customers have been favored.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is the highest-yielding variety in the plastics industry. Polyethylene is opaque or translucent, light crystalline plastic, with excellent low temperature performance (minimum use temperature up to -70 ~ -100 ℃), electrical insulation, chemical stability, acid, alkali and salt Class aqueous solution erosion, but should not use strong alkaline detergent wipe or soak, not heat. Polyethylene suitable for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and other methods of processing. PE according to the density can be divided into: low density polyethylene LDPE; high density polyethylene HDPE; linear low density polyethylene LLDPE. Polyethylene is usually made of food bags and various containers.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is derived from the polymerization of propylene thermoplastic, usually a colorless, translucent solid, odorless non-toxic, density 0.90 ~ 0.919 g / cm, is the lightest common plastic, its outstanding advantages are in water resistance Boiling properties, can be immersed in boiling water 100 ℃ deformation, no damage, corrosion resistance, common acid, alkali organic solvent it almost does not work, strength, rigidity and transparency than polyethylene, the disadvantage is resistance Low temperature impact is poor, easy to aging, but can be modified by adding additives and to be improved. Polypropylene production methods are slurry, liquid bulk method and gas phase 3 kinds. Polypropylene used for utensils.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is made of vinyl chloride polymerization of plastic, bright color, corrosion resistance, solid and durable, by adding plasticizer, the hardness can be changed significantly. PVC production methods are suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization and bulk polymerization method, mainly to the suspension polymerization. Due to the increase in the manufacturing process plasticizers, anti-aging agents and other toxic auxiliary materials, so the products are generally not stored food and medicine.

Polystyrene (PS)

Universal polystyrene is a styrene polymer, easy to color, transparency, but there are shortcomings of the brittle, so by adding polybutadiene can be made of impact resistant polystyrene (HTPS). It is acid corrosion, but soluble in chloroform, dichloroethylene, banana water and other organic solvents. The main production methods of polystyrene are bulk polymerization, suspension polymerization and solution polymerization. Polystyrene for the production of Dengzhao, toothbrush handle, toys, electrical parts.


ABS resin is acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene three monomers co - polymerization of the product, referred to as ABS terpolymer. The properties of the plastic are quite different due to the differences in the composition of the components A (acrylonitrile), B (butadiene) and S (styrene) in the composition and the manufacturing process. ABS suitable for injection molding and extrusion processing, so its use is mainly the production of these two types of products. ABS resin color eye-catching, heat-resistant, strong, the outer surface can be chrome, nickel and other metal film, can produce keys, buttons, knife, TV shell, umbrella handle.

In addition, Xianlin Industrial thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in the field of rubber to open up a piece of heaven and earth. Xianlin manufacture of flexible plastic hose TPE hose selling the country and become the majority of TPE plumbing customers reliable business for many years. Today, from the Yin Lin factory sales of TPE stretch hose is a large number of telescopic water pipe manufacturers processed into exquisite garden water pipe products, active in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other international markets.