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Main Application and Prospect of TPE / TPR for Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic elastomer TPR / TPE is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly non-toxic safety material, its main advantages are a wide range of hardness, excellent soft touch, and has excellent colorability, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. TPR / TPE can greatly reduce the cost of the product, replacing latex, soft PVC and some silicone rubber; TPR / TPE can be both injection molding, and the PP, TPE can be recycled, , PS, PE, PC, PA, ABS and other substrate coated with adhesive material can also be a separate molding.

The following is the main application of thermoplastic elastomer TPE / TPR and its prospects:

1, car washing and garden watering pipe applications: In recent years, Europe and the United States hot and popular gardens and car wash with flexible pipe expansion of the demand for elastomer pipes increasing, the market demand for rapid growth of the domestic production and sales of elastomer plumbing manufacturers the amount. However, with the gradual increase in the cost of all aspects of domestic manufacturing, most manufacturers are seeking to use more cost-effective TPE / TPR instead of natural latex elastomer water pipes.

2, cultural and sports supplies: TPE / TPR elastomer products because of its environmental protection, light, smooth feel and widely used in stationery and sports fitness equipment. Common are: rubber gloves, diving equipment, mouse ball, chest section, gear sets, (golf, ski pole) rubber clubs, (Rally) hoses, knee pads, masks, goggles, fins, goggles , Diving mask, skiing mirror and the band, grip strength, grip the ball, treadmill belts, table tennis rackets rubber, roller skates shock absorbers. With Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other major cultural and sports goods consumption of the major domestic exports to the finished product quality and safety requirements are more stringent, there will be more traditional products are new thermoplastic elastomer TPE / TPR material replaced.

3, the application of the footwear industry: SBS instead of vulcanized rubber and PVC produced soles good elasticity (force or residual deformation of small), beautiful color, good wet skid resistance, permeability, abrasion resistance, low temperature And flex resistance, not smelly feet, wearing comfort, etc., asphalt pavement, wet and snowy road with high coefficient of friction. Waste SBS soles can be recycled, the cost is moderate. Sole pattern can be translucent tendon base or colorful two-color soles, but also made of foam soles. SBS made of inexpensive overall molded canvas shoes, the weight of PVC resin than the light weight 15-25%, 30% higher coefficient of friction, with excellent wear resistance and low temperature flexibility. SBS has these excellent properties, making it in the footwear industry in a wide range of applications.

4, the application of asphalt modification: SBS in the application of asphalt modification, including waterproofing membrane modified asphalt and modified asphalt road two aspects. SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with low temperature flexibility, good self-healing ability and durability, high temperature flow resistance, aging resistance, good thermal stability and impact resistance and other characteristics, can greatly improve the performance of waterproofing membrane , To extend its service life, to meet the needs of important buildings and structures. It is widely used in municipal engineering including bridge deck (concrete), subway and underground passage, as well as water conservancy projects including pond and ditch. At present, China has a lot of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane manufacturers, including the introduction of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane production line a total of 15, the domestic self-developed production lines have more than 50, the total production capacity of about 140 million m2 / The actual consumption of about 6.37 million tons SBS. As China's infrastructure investment and construction of a large number of accelerated, China's modified asphalt has a good development prospects, corresponding to the demand for SBS will grow. It is estimated that the consumption of SBS in modified asphalt will reach 112,000 tons in 2008, and the annual growth rate from 2003 to 2008 will be about 12%.

5, the application of polymer modification: SBS is a better resin modifier, and PP, PE, PS, ABS and other resin blends to improve the products of impact resistance and flexural properties, such products are used Electrical components, automotive steering wheel, bumper, seals and so on. Compared with the developed countries and regions, China's polymer modification industry is still in its infancy. In 2003 China's polymer modification SBS consumption of about 16,500 tons. With the development of China's auto industry and home appliance industry, consumers will gradually improve the comfort, safety, durability and other performance requirements. In addition, the rapid development of China's synthetic resin industry, the domestic polymer modification industry will be booming development of.

6, the application of adhesives: SBS in the hydrocarbon solvent has a good ability to dissolve, dissolve fast, good stability, cohesion, and avoid the use of aromatic solvents on human health hazards. SBS adhesive with good flexibility, bonding strength and low temperature properties, low viscosity, creep resistance is better than the general EVA class, acrylic adhesive, in life has been widely used. Can be used to produce shoes with adhesives, metallurgical powder molding agent, mounted adhesive, wood fast Ganjiao, labels, tape with plastic, disposable health supplies with plastic, laminating adhesives, sealant and for hook, Electronic components and general strong plastic, Wan Nengjiao and stickers, and so on.

7, in other areas of application: SBS can also be used as toys, furniture and sports equipment, the main raw material; used as flooring materials, car upholstery materials, carpet floor and sound insulation materials and wire and cable jacket. In addition, SBS can also be used for cement processing, automobile manufacturing and housing decoration and the manufacture of a variety of hoses for light oil, medical devices, household appliances, pipe and wire and cable and so on.

8, the application of automotive parts: hood parts, such as the net trachea, fuel pipe layer, control bellows, constant velocity joints (CVJ) and oil filter seal. Body and suspension system jacket, such as weathering seal, coated window seal, light seal material. Built-in parts, such as the airbag cover, front panel control panel.

9, the application of medical equipment: medical saline stopper, disposable syringe rubber plug, wash the ear ball, plasma bags, infusion bags, surgical gloves, medical protective clothing, medical hygiene rubber materials, extrusion hose, flexible ball, Tape injection needle plug, venous tube components and bottle stopper, bottle mouth, nipple, heart defibrillator, EKG, ECG monitor cable casing, laser pen.

10, the automotive industry applications: dust cover, seal, exhaust pipe, fender, airbags, acoustic damping ring, dashboard, crash sets, steering wheel elastic grip, flexible soft cushion, , Fender, foot pad, lighting package plastic.

Construction industry: glass curtain wall, gates, and skylights with seals and seals decorative membrane, decorative strips, alternative PVC materials, buildings, roads, bridges with expansion joints.

11, the electrical packaging industry applications: high-voltage electrical connections, insulated wire and cable and sheathing, electronic components, anti-static, composite pipe, conductive pieces.