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Classification of sports equipment

  There are three main categories of sports equipment classification:

  1, according to the sport classification of the project, which is all the same sports related equipment and equipment, such as a class of methods, such as track and field equipment, weightlifting equipment, ice and snow equipment.

  2, based on the nature of the classification of sports equipment, generally can be divided into designated equipment, owned equipment, equipment and other equipment 4 categories. Designated equipment class is the common use of the two sides of the competition, in order to avoid differences arising from the need to specify the equipment in advance of the brand (trademark), manufacturer and specification models; owned equipment is the athletes use their own equipment, such as racket, sailing and rowing , Paddle, sports clothing, protective gear, shoes and hats, etc .; site equipment category refers to the facilities of competition and training venues equipment and equipment, such as a variety of goals, ball, baffle, time scoring equipment, referee appliances; Equipment mainly refers to non-competition use of equipment, generally physical training, fitness activities, sports recreation equipment.

  3, according to the classification of sports equipment, sports equipment is divided into sports, national defense military sports equipment, Chinese folk sports equipment, physical fitness rehabilitation equipment, children's sports recreation equipment, sports equipment disabled persons, auxiliary equipment. Competitive sports equipment: Sports equipment used for athletes, including equipment listed in the table, in addition to bicycles, cars, motorcycles, equestrian, fishing, aviation model, navigation model and other items of equipment, as well as non-Olympic Games (Bowling), golf, cricket (paddle ball), shuttlecock ball, tennis ball, bowling ball, bowling ball, tennis ball, ball hockey ball, ball hockey, tennis ball and so on in the international are professional sports organization sports equipment, Board tennis, back to the ball, pocket tennis, goalkeeper, billiards, to throw the ball, skills and other items with equipment.

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