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Outdoor fitness equipment features

  From the functional point of view can be divided into: exercise the human leg, waist, arm, lung capacity, abdomen, joint flexibility, strong liver and spleen, adjust the body endocrine, Shu meridians, enhance digestive tract, coke, balance, Enhance heart and lung function and coordination capacity.

  Here are some of the features of outdoor fitness equipment:

  Treadmill: mainly used to train legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

  US waist machine: on the waist, back for relaxing massage.

  Inductive multi-function device: usually include chest expander, pull-up, supine, sit-ups and other equipment functions. Chest-up, mainly used to train the lumbar muscle group, reducing the waist and abdomen, the remaining fat.

  Rowing device: mainly used to enhance the arm strength, latissimus dorsi and initiatives to harmony.

  Three legs luxury leg: the main exercise legs, waist, increase lung capacity.

AMT fitness fitness machine: fitness methods and other different, the user can not in the same form of movement and complete zero impact experience, similar to the stairs, walking, jogging and long-distance running freely between the transformation. You can use this form of real-time transformation function, adjust your practice to reach the practice for a particular muscle group practice guidelines.

  Elliptical machine: patented technology allows the user to fit the biomechanical posture training muscle group, adding the diversity and effectiveness of training. Zero-drag training reduces the onset of muscle strain.

  Combination of training device: the main strengthening of abdominal and waist muscle strength.

Bodybuilding: training, like riding a bike the same, mainly used to enhance the leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function.

  Jianbu: mainly used to train the legs, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.