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Outdoor fitness equipment to bring those benefits

  Optimal anti-aging campaign:

  Anti-aging fitness methods devaluation running, as long as the perseverance fitness run, you can mobilize the body's antioxidant enzyme activity, thus receiving the role of anti-aging.

  Optimal antihypertensive exercise:

According to expert study found that hypertensive patients choose exercise mode walking, cycling, swimming, sports equipment should not be used to lift, pull, push, pick and other activities, because it may induce blood pressure. Walking and other dynamic stretching exercises, repeated contraction of the muscles, to promote vasoconstriction and expansion, thereby reducing the blood.

  Optimal weight loss exercise:

  To the hands and feet with the best results, such as skiing, swimming and so on. If you are middle-aged, you can also choose boxing, weightlifting, mountain climbing and other sports, particularly effective for consumption of fat.

  Optimal anti-myopia exercise:

  Playing table tennis to increase the ciliary muscle systolic function is very useful, more obvious vision recovery. The secret is to play table tennis, the eye to table tennis as the goal, kept far, near, up and down movement, continue to relax and shrink the ciliary muscle, extraocular muscles are constantly shrinking, greatly promote the eye tissue Blood supply.

  Optimal brain movement:

  All aerobics have a brain function, especially in the bounce movement is better, can promote blood circulation, can supply the brain full of energy, more importantly, play through the meridians, brain and warm the role of the heart, can improve thinking and Imagination.

  Optimal Bodybuilding:

  Many young men and women to pursue bodybuilding, as long as the sustained aerobics and gymnastics, strengthen the balance and coordination of exercise, will receive significant results.